Monday, April 1, 2013



As soon as I felt safe enough to be any distance from the bathroom we went into Pahoa. We bought some ginger ale, rice, hand sanitizer and toilet rolls. I still felt OK so we went for a drive to Kalapana again and I took photos of the Catholic Church which was moved and resited in the nick of time before the road was closed by the lava flow in 1990. The other church for which the people prayed and the lava left alone is out somewhere on a private road and sight-seers are not encouraged. That's the one I wanted to sit in and worship but I wasn't up to walking any distance let alone in an unknown area. I hope we come back here again. John and I agree that we could happily spend a month or more staying here. There is a special quality to the community which appeals to us.

I wanted to catch some of the character of this village with it's old buildings and in places a boardwalk.

We also wanted to visit the local bookshop which is extremely well organised and tidy and well stocked with second hand books.

We had a good look around and because I thought I felt better we went for drive ending at Kalapana and staying for the evening market. Photos are on a separate post since this has more than my usual.

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