Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I could not mention our shock and grief over the bombing at the Boston Marathon until now. Our hearts go out to all who lost family and were injured. We can only imagine the shock of people caught up in such a terrible thing. New Zealander Alison Roe, a world class marathon runner, described her feelings of unreality on our National News. She said the Boston Marathon had lost it's innocence.

I was directed to this blog post by Levonne whose writing I have enjoyed for a few years now. The runner is the son of a friend of Levonne's. How amazing is the internet that we can hear first hand from people we would never normally have contact with.

I hope you will take the time to read what this young man has written so well.

This act of terrorism came hard on the heals of our time in Hawaii. Last week we visited the Memorials at Pearl Harbour. Our hearts were still raw from the emotional impact of that visit.

This page is dedicated to all the ordinary people who go about living their lives quietly yet with courage to face the terrible when called for.

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