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Pau Hana Estate, Captain Cook, Hawaii Island, HI.Wednesday. 3rd April, 2013.
I have been looking at the cost of land and houses. In this area they are comparable to home but further south on this coast you can buy land for around $1000 acre. I'm not sure whether it's volcanic rock or good fertile land. They once grew a lot of sugar cane in the area. I noticed a few farms with various animals, sheep, llama, goats, horses and of course cattle. I even saw a Zebra keeping company with a donkey.

Today we decided to travel south again over the road we travelled to get here from Pahoa. Of course we did not go all the way to Pahoa but I wanted to have another look at the town of Na'alehu and we had been told we really should try the Macadamia Nut Cream Pie.
Sounds crazy driving for an hour for lunch but we weren't doing anything special. The pie was good, the rest of the meal indifferent. What a mad thing to do. It was quite relaxed driving and I have now got used to going up and down our 2 mile one way road in and out from the coffee plantation. Not only do we have to stop for any traffic going the opposite way but for roosters and turkeys too.

Coming back from Na'ahelu we stopped at Ho'okena Beach which was recommended for it's clear water which is great for snorkeling. Turtles come here but we didn't see any.
The sand was not quite so black and much softer than the black sand beach of Punalu'u, which we stopped at on Monday, but it was still too hot to walk any distance bare foot. I did paddle in the water and got my jeans wet but neither John nor I felt like going to the bother of putting on our togs. The water might be warmer than New Zealand, but not much warmer than a good day. We are spoilt by the beaches we live on.
We enjoyed chatting with a local man who was taking a few hours time out from caring for his ageing mother. I wanted to encourage him but I'm not so sure I was helpful. We listened to his anxiety as he saw so much of his own life slipping away, his saving disappearing, his anger and frustration with other family members. I felt sad for him yet he was doing the right thing but the cost was high.

We enjoyed walking along the wet, cooler sand and people watching. It was very warm in the sun but pleasantly cool under the shade of the trees. I asked a Dad if we could take photos of an extensive construction in the sand he was helping his young sons build. The boys had been so impressed by the stories told them at the Pu'uhonua o Honaunau Park that they were building the walls and temple they had seen the previous day.
We chatted with the parents for a time and discovered they were from Virginia, and plan to visit New Zealand in about two years. John surprised me by opening his wallet and pulling out an old address card. The only accurate information was our name and email address but if they don't lose it and remember to email us we will stay in touch. Who knows, we might be able to visit them one day.

We stayed at the beach until well into the afternoon. On the road again and I remembered we had agreed to visit the Painted Church before we returned 'home' to the plantation
Father John Velge, who came to the parish in 1899, used his talent as a painter to tell the gospel on the wall panels of the church. Today these panels are suffering from time and being restored as much as possible.

It was a lovely end to another good day playing tourist.

We were feeling a little tired when we got home so I was glad we had left-overs from last night. I topped the eggy bake thing with cheese and heated it enough to melt it in microwave. Salad completed our meal. We have enough bacon and eggs and lettuce for another main meal.

I have been writing this and watching the Hula Competition, an important part of the 50th Merry Monarch Festival in Hilo. The history and significance of this festival would take too much time to write tonight. This is so important I heard it compared with Christmas Day. Miss Aloha Hula has been selected and given a huge trophy of carved wood. It must be hollow because she is able to carry it under her arm. I will post this now and continue to watch until sleepy. Guess who had coffee late this afternoon!!!

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  1. Enjoyed the pics of the painted church! And I've never heard of the Merry Monarch festival... as important as Christmas!
    Sounds like you are still on a whirlwind tour, seeing so much. Oh, and when my Jim is overdue on meals, he can get a little grumpy, too. Maybe it's low blood sugar...

    I'm getting caught up on your posts, off to read the next adventure!


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