Sunday, March 24, 2013


I don't know whether we are just unlucky with the weather but we are seeing very little sun and today was no exception.

We were in the car and out the gate at 9.30 am. Not early but better than we have been doing. The first part of our drive to Waimea was over roads we travelled the day we arrived. It was interesting to see them in reverse order and pick on places that are becoming familiar names. Waimea locally known s Kamuela, is a small rural town which seems to have developed around Parker Ranch interests. There is a strong cowboy or Paniolo influence. The paniolo or range-riding cowboys were brought in from Mexico to teach the locals how to handle stock and help to give Waimea it's unique style. We might need to come back here too if we have time. There is a Parker Ranch store in one shopping centre and the Parker Square is home to another bunch of shops.

We went into and discovered a lovely coffee shop similar to what we find everywhere in New Zealand. We chatted with a young American from Kona who was wearing an Aotearoa tank top. When John went to pay for our coffee and almond, ricotta, coffee cheesecake he found the young man had paid for us and there was even some change which John promptly put in the thank-you jar. We find Americans are incredibly generous. The coffee was good. I did not need sugar in my cappuccino. John had plain iced coffee. The cake was disappointing. Again we found it to be on the dry side, where's the cream, but it was the strong artificial almond essence that really spoiled it for us.

Near the coffee shop was the quilt shop Top Stitch. I had a good browse around and of course came out with a pattern and fabric not to mention a new bag.

We asked at the Parker Ranch Store for Patsy .... sorry Butter-bean abd James from Texas. I forgot to refresh my mind and got the name wrong. If we go back that way again I'll certainly make sure I have the name right. The ladies I spoke to wondered if I should have asked at the General Store in Parker Square. We then followed the road to Waikoloa Village. We had been there in our quest for lunch on our first day but had turned back toward the beach resort. This seemed to be a fairly up-market area centred around the Golf Club. Curiosity satisfied we turned back again to traverse the mountains on the Saddle Road.

We knew that visibility would be poor. There was a little rain and much low cloud. But how low is low? It would have been so much more interesting if we could see the two high mountains we travelled between. We climbed and our ears popped. We passed the military training centre and continued to the mountain Visitor Centre which was closed. The plan was to have a picnic there but it was cold and misty so we continued into thick fog. John had to concentrate for several miles staying between the white line on the right side of the road and the, usually double, yellow line on his side. It was a relief to come out of the fog well down the mountain and not too far from Hilo. Our coffee and cake in Waimea was still holding so we set the GPS for home and ate our picnic in comfort about 5.30 pm.
We enjoyed our day and it was another adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's probably only 2 hours from here to the Mountain Visitor Centre so we might go again if there is suitable weather.


  1. Lack of real cream was one of my biggest disappointments with USA in general. I also found the cakes and baking horrible! Looked OK but tasted like rubbish.

    I hope the weather improves for you, lovely over here :)

  2. Good bakeries can be found in the middle of the sountry and in places in the southeast. Every place I buy coffee tries to give you that flavored artificial creamer, but if you look you can sometimes find the real 1/2 and 1/2. If I'm at a sit down restaurant I will always ask. I recently watched a program about the Parker Ranch and the Hawaiian cowboys. I thought it was very interesting.

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying yourselves, in spite of uncooperative weather. When I think of Hawaii, I imagine blue skies and sunshine... I hope you get some soon!

  4. You found a quilt store! Good on ya!

  5. Sorry to hear the baked goods have been disappointing but glad that you have been treated well by the Americans you have met. Let the adventure continue.

  6. The videos we will be watching is just the ones on the net that we can find, and I play them through the TV rather than watch them on the computer, and you have have probably seen the ones we will be watching, they are the ones that you and Lynda talk about :)


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