Sunday, March 31, 2013



Pomokai Road,
Hawaii Island,

John has this minute told me that 50 years ago we were joined in Holy Matrimony.

That's by the calendar date and time

As I write the calendar for Hawaii says Saturday, 30th March 2013, 4.50 pm.

If we want to be pedantic the 50 year anniversary was yesterday, two hours earlier. We were married on a Saturday, (the weekend before Easter), 30th March, 1963, The 45 minute service began at 3.30 pm if I remember correctly. We had photographs taken in a nearby studio which was very basic. I've always preferred the garden photos taken at home before we left for the church but, of course, John is not in them. My sister was the bridesmaid, and my two of young cousins were flowergirls. The very youngest cousin gave me a decorated horseshoe. John's brother was bestman. In those days I was still very conventional and tried to have the perfect wedding without busting my parents bank account. Our reception for around 80 guests was in the town hall, a very modest country hall by today's standards. We had a full sit down meal out of respect for people who had travelled a distance and the fact that it coincided with most people's evening meal time. Following the reception we trailed out to my parents farm. I had been living with them for the past year or more. I left the house earlier that day a single woman and returned married, more than ready for a new life.

We left our partying friends and relatives about 9 pm and travelled to Taupo, over 2 hours away, where we were woken the next morning by a major call out fire alarm. The Fire Station was almost next door to the Motel. We had a quiet day before travelling to Wellington, crossing Cook Strait on the night ferry to Lyttleton, (I was sea sick), and continuing to drive to Queenstown where we stayed for two weeks.
Back 50 years ago it probably took us 8 hours to drive form Taupo to Wellington in our little 1952 Ford Prefect. The ferry crossing took all night. We left Wellington 7 pm and arrived Lyttleton 7am. Our car was lifted on board in a sling and stored in a hold. We had breakfast on board and drove over the Port Hills to Christchurch. Now there is a tunnel. Our drive to Queenstown was another 8 or more likely 9 hour journey.

Here we are 50 years later still indulging our love for travel. I guess that's totally appropriate.

This morning we went into Hilo on a mission. I wanted to get fresh flower leis for us all to wear at dinner tonight. I thought it would be a nice way of acknowledging the generousity of our hosts and their friends in taking us out to dinner. I spent some time searching the internet and came to the conclusion the Hilo Farmers Market was the place to start. It was pouring down rain here, at Pahoa, but cloudy and fine in Hilo which is only 30 minutes away. We had a good look through the market feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all the shopping opportunities. Oh dear! I do so love the Hawaiian designs. I wanted a necklace and bought some quartz beads. As we went we asked various people if they knew where we would find the booth selling fresh flower leis. Finally a dear Hawaiian lady took us in hand and lead us straight to a place where they were making leis.
Oh Wow! We bought 6 beautiful leis, packed in plastic bags filled with air to protect them, for $38.00. I cannot wait to see Pam and Craig's faces and those of their, (get this), New Zealand friends when we give them their leis tonight.

We chatted with our angel lady and found hers was one of the families that re-located from Kalapana. I asked about her church and if we are up early enough tomorrow I want to go there. We will have to be on the road 9.30 am. Think we can do it? First I need to have the address correct for the driver.

For lunch we chose the BBQ. It seemed the safest option considering it would have fewer spices to upset my tummy. I had the most perfectly cooked steak on a stick, John had pork with rice and we chose some kind of pickled salad which was kind of hot so we left most of it even though it was delicious. We ate listening to live Country and Western band. No coffee just a lemon and lime soda. I feel good so with care in my food choices I will enjoy tonight.


The day has been something special and it will soon be time to shower and enjoy our evening out.

Evening at Kaleo's

John dressed up in his red Aloha shirt and I wore my black skirt with a white top and the silk over-blouse from Hilo Hattie's. I was glad to be able to put my engagement ring back on but not sure how long before I can take it off again. It's very small.
We arrived at Kaleo's Restaurant  and were shown to our table where Pam and Craig, our hosts, and Margaret and Richard, friends of Pam from New Zealand, were waiting for us. The leis were a delight and the staff thanked us too. Not long before we arrived a smelly, unwashed group of hippies had left the restaurant and our fragrant leis changed the atmosphere.

We had the grandest time chatting and took an age to choose our meal simply because we were all too busy talking. It did not help that the menu is 100% delicious and as fast as one of us settled on a dish they would want to change to someone else's choice. Around the table we had a great variety. Fish and chips, perfectly cooked and delicious looking; Haiku salad, (organic greens, assorted veggies, blue cheese, raisins, walnuts, mandarin oranges and citrus dressing), which also looked amazing, for the vegetarian; beef tenderloin, veggies and fries; coconut crusted fish, with lilikoi and pineapple sauce, fresh veggies and wasabi vinaigrette, mild Thai coconut chicken curry and baby beef ribs with Kaleo's BBQ sauce. At least three of us took half their meal home in a box. To finish we shared a couple of large wedges of incredibly delicious lilikoi, (passionfruit), cheesecake. Ours came with a lit candle and the live band played us a love song. This was followed up by one of the staff doing a beautiful graceful hula for us. I wish we had got the hang of the movie thing on the camera sooner but at least we got a some on video but it is a little dark. Pity our voices come across so loud but as I said we are learning and will do better next time.

Margaret asked us if we had seen anyone we knew in the restaurant other than themselves. We had met Margaret and her husband when they visited Pam while she was staying in our house last year. Of course we gave a negative answer. A lady came to our table to congratulate us after the band had honoured us. The Texas couple we kept running into had chosen that night to eat there too. I will never travel again without address cards. It would have been fun to keep in contact and maybe meet them again in Texas when we get there.

One thing last night confirmed to me. We are meant to travel. There will be another trip.


  1. I loved the wedding photos, you were a beautiful bride! Yes, we were meant to travel as well, I love the smells, the sounds.. all of it.

    Congratulations on 50 years of marriage and I am so pleased you are enjoying yourselves over in Hawaii!!

  2. You and John are a beautiful couple - when you were married as well as 50 years later. The pictures are great.

  3. Congrats to you both!! what a fun day that looked like!! Memories being made...

  4. I'm so glad you were finally feeling better. This was such a romantic post... all the lovely photos, both old and new. And that video! I was totally drawn into the lovely graceful dance. What a memory this will be for you. Thank you for sharing it all with us. I'm so happy you got to go...yes, you definitely were meant to travel. :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary! The leis look lovely.



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